Education & Training Workshops

Gordon DuVal Consulting offers education and training for investigators, research program staff, Research Ethics Board members and staff, and others involved in the conduct, review and oversight of research.


Read what workshop organizers have said about my past workshops, and contact them for further information.


1.  Courses should be designed to meet the needs of the particular group of participants.  While course offerings are described in the links below, they are all flexible and can be developed to suit the particular interests and needs of the group.

2.  Few people enjoy being lectured to for an extended time, and ethics is best taught in an interactive and case-based way.  Workshops draw heavily on case scenarios and facilitated discussion, and use the traditional lecture format only sparingly.

Course Offerings

Workshop training for REB members and staff is designed to meet the ever-evolving standards and requirements for the review and oversight of human subjects research and the most current requirements and guidance from authoritative bodies.  Training for Research Ethics Board members and staff includes:

  • Advanced Issues in Research Ethics: provides stimulating workshop for REB members and staff looking to deepen their understanding of challenging and emerging research ethics issues, and of themes arising from the new 2nd edition Tri-Council Policy Statement. Click here for a fuller description of the course.

Training for investigators and other research personnel, including research associates and trainees helps ensure that the conception, design, analysis and reporting of research is ethical and carried out in accordance with applicable regulations and ethical-legal standards, including the requirements of the Tri-Council Policy Statement, Health Canada and FDA regulations and other applicable regulatory requirements.

  • Fundamentals of Research Ethics for Investigators: provides a comprehensive review of research ethics standards from the standpoint of the researcher and includes ways of ensuring that protocols are reviewed and approved as quickly as possible. Click here for a fuller description of the course.
  • Understanding Clinical Trials Requirements:  provides practical training on the regulatory requirements for conducting clinical trials in Canada and the US, including ICH-GCP, the Health Canada Clinical Trials Regulation, FDA regulations and other regulations governing clinical trials. Click here for a fuller description of the course.

We can also develop and facilitate workshops and retreats "to order" for presentation and discussion of particular issues or otherwise to meet your particular needs.

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