Ethical-Legal Consulting

Institutions, administrators and practitioners embroiled in legal disputes, or patients or others asserting their rights or seeking compensation for loss, are entitled to advocacy enriched by a clear understanding of the ethical-legal standards that are crucial to the complex and rapidly developing area of health law.

With a doctorate in health law, Gordon DuVal practiced law for several years prior to his academic career.  Since that time, he  taught health law and regulation at the law faculties of the University of Toronto, American University (Washington DC) and currently at the University of Ottawa.

Gordon DuVal Consulting provides support for litigation and and other legal matters by offering:

  • Background ethical-legal research and advice on disputed matters in healthcare, including clinical care, research and institutional practices, conflict of interest, privacy, and their application to legal rights and interests.
  • Consultation on standards relating to ethical conduct in health care, research and administration by physicians, other healthcare providers, hospitals, and healthcare authorities and regulators.
  • Expert advice and opinions on legal matters impacted by ethical norms.
  • Advice and consultation on accreditation for institutions and academic divisions on standards for clinical and research ethics structures.

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